Arsene Wenger under Fire after Arsenal’s Crashing Defeat by Olympiakos

Arsenal’s chances of qualifying for the knock-out stages of the Champions League are hanging by the thread after the English club suffered a 3-2 defeat at home to Olympiakos. This is the first time that Arsenal is losing two of their opening games in the Champions League and their problems are compounded by the fact that they will have to beat Bayern Munich twice in order to progress. Arsene Wenger is yet again on the spotlight over his choice of David Ospina as opposed to Peter Cech who is the usual first choice goalkeeper. AS reported by The Telegraph, critics argued that sometimes Wenger shows a lot of faith in some players that end up disappointing him.

It was a goalkeeping lapse by Ospina that handed Olympiakos their second goal after he mishandled a corner and the ball dropped on the line with the fifth official ruling it as a goal. Arsenal’s loss has put to the London club on the spot light after they lost their opening game to Dinamo Zagreb. They now face an uphill task of beating Bayern Munich and under the circumstances, there are little or no chances that they will succeed in beating Bayern Munich both home and away. An early exit for Arsenal could spell doom for the club as there are those who are already disgruntled with Arsene Wenger’s choice a situation that could lead to the departure of high profile players during the January transfer window.



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