Tropical storm Joaquin due to become hurricane Wednesday

Tropical Storm Joaquin is projected to evolve into a hurricane Wednesday, as it travels toward the East Coast, the National Hurricane Center says.

USA Today reports that the storm may affect the mid-Atlantic by the weekend, or early next week. Once the storm winds reach speeds of 74 MPH, it will be considered a hurricane. Tropical Storm Joaquin’s winds are currently reaching 65 MPH.

Meteorologists predictions are showing a wide variation between models, as far as which direction the storm is expected to head in. Paths include a direct East coast hit, or the storm turning its way back to the sea.

Other storm systems are expected to bring heavy rains to much of the country throughout the week. Flash flood watches are underway for about 1,000 miles of the East coast.

Meteorologist Brett Rathbun says, “Areas from Central Pennsylvania into Northern New England could see over 3 inches of rain, mainly over the higher terrain,” The heavy rains are predicted to wash away dry conditions and localized droughts.

Flash floods have already occurred in Virginia and North Carolina.

As of Tuesday evening, Tropical Storm Joaquin is a few hundred miles east of the Bahamas, with maximum sustained winds averaging at 65 MPH.

In the Pacific Ocean, Tropical Storm Marty is projected to cause mudslides and floods in Mexico. Tropical Storm Marty is currently 120 miles from Acapulco.


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