Will Hayden Child Molestation Charges

The former star of Discovery Channel’s “Sons of Guns,” Will Hayden, has been indicted on multiple rape charges in Louisiana. The charges include two accounts of aggravated rape and a case of forcible rape. He faces a lifetime sentence if found guilty of the cases of aggravated rape. He is accused of raping a girl in East Baton Rouge beginning March 2013, when she was 11 years old, until August 2014.

His problems far from over after a woman who is now in her 30s came out to claim that Will raped her in 1990s when she was 12 years old at the time. At the time of the assault, she was staying with Hayden’s family since her house had burned down. She did not the assault since Hayden had threatened her.

Stephanie Hayden Ford had previously defended her father but later came out and revealed that her dad had touched her inappropriately when she was 12 years old.

Stephanie has recalled her original statement and plans on meeting with investigators in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to provide details of the sexual abuse she allegedly suffered. In an interview with The Mail Online, Stephanie said that she will do whatever it takes to aid in the prosecution of her dad.

These accusations have destroyed any chance of the Stars Company or career surviving. Since Will is the most vibrant character in the TV show ‘Sons of Guns’, the producers had no option but to cancel the program.







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