Arturo Vidal Drunk Driving Drama Revealed

The Chilean soccer star Arturo Vidal was booked for DUI after being involved in a two-car accident that ended with his Ferrari 458 Italia hanging over the edge of a ditch. He and his wife were returning from a casino on an evening when the incident occurred in the city of Buin, Chile. No one was seriously injured in the two cars.

The Police accused Vidal of driving under the influence of alcohol. He was later brought before a judge who suspended his license. He took to Twitter and Facebook where he posted a message insisting that he did not cause the accident.

The police arrived on the scene and administered Breathalyzer tests to the two drivers after the accident. Vidal had a BAC of 0.12. He was charged with the crime after treatment of his injuries. Vidal was released the same night where he posted a video on YouTube stating that he had been involved in an accident and that he and his family weren’t injured. He also reiterated that the crash wasn’t his fault, and thanked everyone for their concern.

Fox Soccer reported that Vidal’s driver’s license was. The judge also allotted 120 days for a complete investigation. His coach was also lenient enough to allow him to play.

Vidal later came out to apologize and admitted his mistake. Some felt the law was double sided since Vidal had been held in an office not a jail. The Chilean anti drinking commission said the law should apply to everyone.






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