Justin Bieber Attempted Robbery Claims

Justin Bieber was accused of attempted robbery in Dave & Busters Hollywood. On this day they had visited the place with Selena Gomez. A fan began taking photos and videos of the couple with his phone. That’s when Bieber is allegedly to have lunged at the person in an attempt to grab his phone. This did not happen as Bieber’s security got in the way before he could make any physical contact. Police were called, but Bieber left before they arrived.

The fan pressed charges resulting to Bieber being investigated for attempted battery, attempted theft and attempted robbery. If charged, Bieber would be in violation of his probation order from his previous egg-throwing incident. A source revealed that the fan identified as a woman was not the only one taking photos.

The woman said Bieber and his crew “got into an altercation with some guys” at a batting cage in Sherman Oaks on Monday night. Bieber saw her reaching for her cell phone, and he demanded that she hand it over so he could delete any photos she may have snapped.

According to the BBC News, The Los Angeles Police Department robbery detectives investigated the report of the alleged robbery between the individual and Mr. Bieber near the batting cages on Los Angeles’ west side.

This is among the many brushes the teenager has had with the law. Some of them include; a DUI, public nuisance and interfering with a flight crew. Apparently this was in a plane from Canada to London.

None of the charges that Bieber faces, including the expected vandalism count, appear to threaten his freedom. Probation sentences, fines, community service and counselling are routinely given in such cases.






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