Just who is Julian Assange?

Julian Assange is currently facing extradition charges where the case against him has received intense speculation on both the mainstream and social media platforms. Assange is accused of rape by two Swedish women. To his supporters though, the accusers are seen as being part of a well-orchestrated scheme to discredit Assange.

There has been a lot of politics and speculation in the case against Assange. The case has received a lot of publicity with vested interested in among other countries the United States, Sweden, Germany and China. Considering the level of vested interest in the case, it was widely expected that the proceedings and the evidential information used to charge Assange would be made public. However, Assange claim that the rape charges against him are a ‘political stunt’ by those arrived by his whistleblowing. Assange further accused the Swedish prosecutors of withholding the evidence pointing out to a possible set up.

As reported by The Guardian, one of the victims who was named in court as ‘Miss A’ allege that she paid for Assange’s trip to Sweden and even went further to allow him stay in her flat as she was travelling. ‘Miss A’ alleged that when she returned, Assange began stroking her and she on her part allowed it to go on as she assumed that the act was innocent.

Another victim who the court identified as ‘Miss W’ alleged that she had spent time with Assange who according to her was only a good friend. Her accounts to the police is that she had spent some considerable time with Assange who later forcefully kissed her and touched her inappropriately.



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