Paris Hilton Racist Claims

Paris Hilton was branded a racist by one of her ex boyfriends after they fell out at the beginning of this year. Her boyfriend Brandon Davis sensationally claimed that Hilton has in the recent past used racial slurs when referring to African Americans.

This is not the first time that Paris Hilton is having racist remarks allegations levelled against her. It was recently reported that Hilton had used racial slurs in a video that went viral in what is seen by many people as racial remarks. In one of the publications, it was reported that Hilton called the two black men who had approached her to model their fashion line. Paris is seen in the view as being polite two the two men but later calls them bumb bleeps after they left.

When asked to respond to the allegations, Paris Hilton said she loves everybody and at no single time has she ever discriminated against anyone. Hilton further added that she was deeply hurt by the reports and that anyone who knew her knows what was described in the media reports was not her.

Hilton to Sue

According to 3 News, Paris Hilton instructed her attorneys to take legal action against an author who accused her of making racist comments in an interview that she had previously done. Hilton termed the allegations absolutely untrue and ridiculous.




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