Is NSA Still Spying?

The NSA (National Security Agency) has for a long time come under sharp criticism for spying. The magnitude of spying has not been limited to only American citizens, but has gone beyond to spying on ambassadors and high commissioners of other countries. The NSA phone tapping accusations were brought up after US whistle blower leaked secrets of US surveillance on its own citizens. This led to a probe investigation on the tapping of Angela Merkel German chancellor’s phone by the National Security Agency (NSA)

Secret Hi-Tech Machine

AS reported by The Huffington Post, the National Security Agency apparently has invested in a surveillance machine that is capable of recording all foreign calls. This makes it possible for them to review the conversations as long as they would want to. This information gains credibility since the source Edward Snowden is a former contractor.

Foreign Surveillance

The high tech surveillance system links the system to the past by enabling the user analysts to retrieve audios that are being considered of interest in the present but had not been commissioned at the time of recording. The analysts listen to a very small percentage of all the audios despite there being so many of them. Then they send them for storage after processing to ascertain interest.



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