Mo Farah Doping Allegations

Mo Farah is under investigations by the UK Athletics over doping allegations. Farah’s coach Alberto Salazar was in the recent past accused of breaching the doping regulations. The new investigations seek to establish whether Farah has used any drugs in the past to advance his athletics career. In what is expected to be a major showdown between one of the most established British athlete and the country’s athletics body, the fact that Farah’s coach was implicated in a doping scandal has reinforced the assertion that the athlete could be in it too.

Under Fire Coach

Alberto Salazar who is the former coach to the athlete has strongly dismissed the claims against him saying that the allegations were false and made in bad faith. In an interview with The Daily Mail, the under fire coach pointed a finger at BBC and a US news website saying that the two organizations were knowingly making false reports against him, reports he says are unsubstantiated.

Farah’s Reputation at Stake

The allegations against Farah are likely to affect his reputation on the global athletics stage. A few days after reports of doping emerged against him, Farah had to cancel planned appearances on some race events including the |Birmingham Diamond League. Farah has remained loyal to his coach despite increased pressure to cut off links with Salazar. Analyst argue are of the opinion that the doping allegations against Farah’s coach will greatly work against Farah and destroy his reputation as an elite athlete.





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