What are the consequences of eating a Big Mac

Just take one look at a Big Mac and you know it can’t be good for you but new research reveals what happens to your body one hour after eating a Big Mac.

In the first ten minutes your blood pressure will dramatically increase. Next your brain will release a feel good chemical, which raises the possibility of  compulsive eating, according to Yahoo.

After twenty minutes your body will be full of sodium and fructose corn syrup from the bun. Not only do these ingredients cause obesity but they will make you crave more food.

After thirty minutes the burgers 970 milligrams of sodium will cause dehydration. Because of all this sodium your heart will have to work harder to pump blood throughout your body. Also your kidney will struggle to eliminate all the salt.

After forty minutes you will be craving more food again. Because after eating a high calorie meal your body’s insulin brings down your glucose levels.

After sixty minutes your body will still be digesting and and could possibly be doing so for the next three days because of how greasy it is.

The long term and immediate results of the Big Mac aren’t good for anyone.


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