Four dead after duck boat and charter bus crash on Seattle bridge.

A charter bus, with foreign college students as passengers, and a “duck boat” collided on a bridge, in Seattle, Thursday. The crash killed four, and hospitalized dozens.

ABC News reports that the collision occurred on the Aurora Avenue Bridge, which is part of the city’s main North-South highway, carrying traffic over a lake. The cause of the crash is still unknown. The “duck boat” is a military-style tour bus, which is operable on water. Early reports described the crash as a head on collision.

A driver behind the duck boat and tour bus were heading in opposite directions. Witnesses say the duck boat swerved in front of him, after it appeared a tire locked up. Other witnesses described a loud screeching noise, and  then seeing passengers on the pavement.

A nurse happened to be walking along the bridge when she saw a scene of metal and glass. She saw crash victims on the pavement and stumbling around, seeming to be in shock. The nurse jumped a barrier and assisted injured victims.

When paramedics arrived, victims rushed to them, pleading for help.  An urgent appeal for blood donor-ship was placed by Bloodworks Northwest. The accident has strained the supply, due to an urgent need for blood transfusions.

The “duck boat” is operated by a company called “Ride The Ducks,” which leads tourists through the city while playing music and quacking through speakers. The company president is placing significant focus on the families of those affected by the accident.

The National Transportation Safety Board is sending a team to Seattle to investigate the accident.



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