Actor Steve Rannazzisi admits he lied about being in World Trade Center on 9/11

Actor Steve Rannazzisi, known for his role in “The League” and Buffalo Wild Wings TV Spots admitted Wednesday that he was not inside the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, after lying about being there for years.

NBC News reports that Rannazzisi calls his story a “terrible mistake” and “profoundly disrespectful.” The apologies come on the heels of The New York Times providing evidence that his story could not be true.

Rannazzisi spoke of working for Merrill Lynch, on the 54th floor of the South tower. He said he escaped after the plane hit the first tower. He described the day as the reason he quit his job, moved to Los Angeles, and became an actor. He began telling the story shortly after September 11th, 2001.

The New York Times reported that Rannazzi actually worked miles away from the World Trade Center. Merrill Lynch has no record of Rannazzi ever working there. Merrill Lynch also had no offices in either of the World Trade Center buildings.

Buffalo Wild Wings told The New York Times that they are currently “reevaluating our relationship with Steve.”

Rannazzi’s apology came via Twitter, in the form of nine consecutive tweets, in which he admits that the story was fabricated after he and his wife moved from New York to Los Angeles. He cites “…an early taste of having a public persona.” as a reason for his fabricated story.


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