Deadly mercury makes its way to the California coast

Mercury is a deadly poison that has been spewed into the earth’s atmosphere and dumped into the Earth’s rivers and lakes for decades. The oceans of the world are polluted almost beyond repair and one of the deadliest of the oceans toxins remains mercury. The deadly toxin, it seems is leaving the ocean and has shown up on the shoreline of California.

In a recent academic study released in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has discovered that the poisonous mercury has made it out of the oceans and on to the shores via the fur of sea lions and seals. The mercury generally finds its way into the ocean, reports The Washington Post, from the mercury that pollutes the atmosphere. Mercury is a deadly chemical toxin that is fatal when entering into a body. The frightening part, scientists, feel, is that when the mercury reaches the oceans, it begins to interact with, and become a part of, the life there.

Scientists fear that once mercury gets consumed by plant life and then ingested into animal life, it is only a matter of time before the poisoned food chain reaches humans. If not death, the very least mercury will do is cause severe brain damage.





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