Fatal Virginia Beach police shooting unwarranted, mother says

The mother of India Kager, who was fatally shot by police in Virginia Beach, Saturday, says that her daughter was unarmed, and the shooting was unnecessary.

In an interview, Gina Best said “She was completely innocent. They shot indiscriminately,” ABC News reports. She also stated that her daughter had only been in Virginia Beach for a few hours, at the time of the shooting. Kager resided in College Park, Maryland.

Kager and Angelo Delano Perry, died after gunfire was exchanged Saturday, outside of a Virginia Beach convenience store. Officers approached a vehicle after receiving information in regards to a person of interest in a homicide investigation. Shots were fired from inside the store, at police. Police returned fire, which ended the lives of Kager and Perry.

Kager’s 4-month-old son was placed into protective care, after the infant was found in the vehicle when shots were fired. The infant was unharmed, and is now in the custody of Kager’s grandmother.

India Kager was a Navy culinary specialist in Virginia and Florida, and was rewarded with a medal for good conduct. She recently started working as a postal carrier in Washington D.C. She was also a multi-instrumentalist, and came from a family of retired police officers.

Kager’s mother went on to say,”I have to refer to my baby in the past tense. That absolutely sends my psyche into a realm of darkness that I never wanted to experience.”


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