Aide to Governor Cuomo shot in the head; remains in critical condition

An aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in critical condition after being shot in the head while somehow ending up in the middle of a gang war in Brooklyn. Carey Gabay, 43, was taken to King’s County Hospital and his chances for recover are reported to be slim.

The shooting occurred at an early morning party that was being celebrated following the West Indian Day parade. Gabay, according to The New York Daily News, was walking along the street with his brother at around 3:40 AM when shots erupted. The brothers, apparently, had ended up in the middle of a long running war between two rival gangs; The Folk Nation and The 8 Trey Cowboys. Both gangs have been battling over neighborhood territory.

Governor Cuomo called Gabay a dedicated and excellent public servant yet admitted that his prognosis seems grim. The New York City Police Department is already on the case. A police spokesman has stated that the NYPD has already moved into the area and have begun questioning potential suspects. Both of the gangs are extremely well known to New York law enforcement officials.

The majority of the gang members are in their early twenties and police have recovered around 20 shell cases from the scene so far. A .45 caliber pistol was also recovered by police at the scene of the shooting. Police say that they have begun trying to get fingerprints from the weapon. The gun was found in some nearby shrubbery and still contained 27 rounds.

Police say the .45 never was fired in the incident and that all of the casing they have recovered belong to 9 millimeter weapons. Gabay and his brother realized they were in the middle of a shootout and raced to try and take cover in a nearby parking lot on Bedford Street. That was when he was shot.

A reward of $12,500 has been announced for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter of Carey Gabay.


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