Massive sandstorm sweeps through the Middle East causing havoc

An unexpected and massive sandstorm has roared through the Middle East causing havoc and destruction in its wake. The devastation swept through Damascus and Beirut killing at least five so far and causing schools and businesses to close. The storm has also swept through Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

Hundreds have been taken to area hospitals as the sand has caused havoc with people’s capacity to breathe and to see, reported The Globe and Mail. The sandstorm has even stopped the destruction of war for a time. Syria has called of their planned airstrikes against rebel bases in the north of the country.

Syria has reported that over 3,500 people have been sent to local hospitals and people are being told to stay inside. Most who dare venture out into the storm are wearing surgical masks for protection. Lebanon officials claim that around 750 people have been hospitalized and the storm caused some local boats to drift out to sea. Trash has been piling up on the streets all summer long in Beirut and Lebanese government authorities are telling people to hold off on their trash burning. This in addition to a summer season that has been far hotter than normal for the region.

Sand and yellow dust lay everywhere in a great swath of the five countries affected by the storm. Over 1,200 people, including more than 100 children, have been admitted to hospitals in Damascus alone. Many people are seeing this as some manner of test for the region. The massive sandstorm is not a normal occurrence and many are worried about further unseen disasters.




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