Kentucky clerk that refused marriage licences to be released from jail

Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who was arrested for refusing to issue marriage licences to same sex couples, is to be released from jail Tuesday.  After deputies successfully issued marriage licences, U.S District Judge David Bunning ordered her release. Davis was arrested under being in contempt of court for her refusal to issue licences of any sort.

USA Today reports that the order for her release is under the conditions that she cannot interfere with the licencing process, directly or indirectly, while deputies continue to issue the licences. In the event that Davis does interfere in any sort of way, Bunning says that “appropriate sanctions” will come under consideration.

Lawyers report that at this time, five of the six sheriffs, are issuing licences as requited. The sixth judge, Davis’ son, is not currently issuing licences.

A lawyer for one of the four couples that sued Davis said, ” “The goal was to get Ms. Davis to issue licenses, and to stop imposing her religious beliefs on the citizens she was elected to serve. That goal has been achieved, for now,” about the decision to free Davis.

Davis came under fire after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality. The county clerk refused to issue any marriage licences, citing that her religious beliefs would be violated, should she issue any licences. Pleas were made to Kentucky governor Steve Benshear to have accommodations made for Davis’ religious beliefs, thus freeing her from jail.

The American Civil Liberties Union, who represented some of the couples turned away by Davis, had requested a fine in lieu of jail time, to avoid allegations of religious persecution. The judge passed on the requests, stating that that a monetary fine would not have any effect on Davis.

Deputies are expected to report on the compliance of issuing licences every two weeks.




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