France poised to launch air attacks into Syria

The president of France, Francois Hollande, has announced that France will begin surveillance flights over Syria early next week, possibly beginning on Tuesday, in advance of certain airstrikes. France’s air attacks look to target the Islamic State (IS) positions in the warn torn country.

France has already carried out 217 bombings against IS in Iraq. This is in contrast to American air attacks that have pounded IS positions in Iraq 2,876 times according to The Irish Times. As France prepares to launch air attacks into Syria, the United States has already carried out 6,500 such attacks into Syria. Both France and England have previously shied away from attacks into Syria because they felt that would just make the current ruler of Syria, Bashar al Assad, that much stronger and that much more confident.

France’s president has ruled out French ground forces into the region because he doesn’t want the French army to be used as an occupying force in the region. He hopes there will be future political solutions found and he fully expects the regional powers to become more involved with regard to the threat posed by the Islamic State to the region’s current status quo.

The French president continued to declare that these coming air attacks will be self defense and a powerful response to previous attacks carried out by the Islamic State against French interests. Both England, as well as Australia, are expected to follow France’s lead by announcing coming air wars of their own against the Islamic State in Syria.

France, and others, have reconsidered their previous stances mostly due to current Russian involvement. The Russians have continued to show support for Assad’s position as the head of the Syrian government.



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