Chicago PD discover a child’s head in lagoon

Police in Chicago have reported that they have found a head in a lagoon that they believe belongs to a child whose other body parts were discovered over this past weekend. Authorities believe the child was between two and four years of age and the head was discovered in Garfield Park close to where police had previously found two hands and a foot.

According to Fox News, Chicago Police were originally called to the park on a 911 call that stated a foot was floating around in the lagoon. The additional body parts that were found were said to be those of a small child, were in an advanced state of decay, and there was no clothing found anywhere at the site.

Police officers were wading into the lagoon, brushing away cattails and dredging the bottom with their bare hands. There were other police officers scouring the nearby shore and picking up items and putting them in bags. Police authorities are not ruling out the possibility of draining the lake in an effort to see if there is anything else to be found.

As police began their original gruesome search, two small hands were also discovered along with the floating foot. Police also came upon a twenty pound weight. At this time, police have no leads or ideas with regard to what has happened there and they have cordoned off a section of the 184 acres of Garfield Park.

City officials, as well as the entire citizenry of Chicago, are simply stunned by the events and are searching for answers to a mystery that may never be solved.


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