E-cigs being used by teens to smoke pot

A new research study recently published in the medical journal, Pediatrics, has found that nearly 20% of the American teenage population are using electronic cigarettes to get high on marijuana. The research continues to state that police and parents are, for the most part, unaware of the behavior.

Apparently, according to US News & World Report, the teens are vaporizing the pot as it can be easily hidden and there is no tell tale trace of that distinctive cannabis smell. In a separate survey done in Connecticut, the study showed that nearly 20% of high school age students are “vaping” pot. Also, nearly 30% of the teens spoken with who use the e-cigarettes to smoke also use them to get high on pot.

They are simply smoking up the pot leaves for the most part but many teens are also using hashish oil to get high. Almost 5% of the teen population is using the hash oil to get high. The report in Pediatrics was written by a college professor and her colleagues at Yale University School of Medicine. The professor said she was prompted to do the research after several teenagers had mentioned to her that the latest “thing” among teen culture was using the e-cigs to smoke pot. E-cigarette use among teens in general has tripled over the past couple of years to almost 15% of the American teenage population.

Electronic cigarettes are not currently regulated by the government. Many non-profits working with teens to stay drug free, as well as parents in general, have been in shock and disbelief over the research. Few adults, if any, had any idea that this behavior was going on among the current teen demographic.

Regulation of course, has always been a hotly debate topic regardless of what is being discussed. One side thinks government regulation will cut down on the incidents of drug use while another school of thought declares that regulations and more laws have never solved the problem.




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