California wildfires continue to rage

A massive wildfire, just east of Fresno, California, continues to rage and burn out of control. It is expected to continue to burn through the holiday weekend. The fire has already consumed over 130 square miles in the Sierra Nevada and has forced the closure of dozens of campgrounds, parks, and hiking trails.

The Sierra Nevada region has been going through some tough times of late according to Fox News. There has been a massive outbreak of insect infestation and police had been scouring the area in a massive manhunt that finally ended in the arrest of the suspect they had been looking for.

The fire was ignited during a lightning storm and has been burning since July 31. California, which has been plagued by drought and little rain fall, seems more than prone this year to the scourge of wildfires. Authorities are urging people to remain to the west and far south of the inferno where the air will not be so polluted by the bellowing smoke that can be seen for many miles.

Another six or so fires are burning throughout the state and they have California firefighters running ragged to the point of near exhaustion. Health warnings due to the smoke have been issued by the local government and people are asked to stay as far away from the fires as they can. Health officials warn that children and seniors will have the most trouble with the smoke.

Firefighters are not counting on any breaks. The fire season has just begun in California and the autumn season brings winds that can set off even the tiniest of embers. Conditions remain extremely dry due to a lack of rain in the state and officials are asking everyone to be extra careful over the Labor Day weekend with regard to any fires they may have going.


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