Depp steels himself to play notorious gangster

Actor Johnny Depp will play a notorious Boston gangster in the upcoming film, ‘Black Mass”. The film was recently previewed at the Venice Film Festival and will open in American theaters soon. Depp plays James “Whitey” Bulger, the legendary Irish strongman who once ruled the Boston underworld with a giant and powerful iron fist.

Depp recently told Reuters that he had, long ago, come to terms with the evil that laid inside of him and tapped into that energy to prepare and carry off the role of the gangster. Depp is considered by many to be the finest male actor of his generation. He has proven his depth of character and acting range time and time again be it playing the serious and intense FBI agent Donnie Brasco or the swashbuckling and conniving Captain Jack Sparrow.

Bulger was on the run and had eluded capture for more than 16 years. He was finally apprehended in California in 2011. He is currently serving two consecutive life sentences for 11 murders. Depp had tried to sit and talk with Bulger about the role but Bulger refused to see him. Depp says that he wanted to play the character as someone who didn’t really see himself as evil. He wanted to portray Bulger as just a human being who had always gone about his day without stopping to ask if he or his actions were evil.

The extreme violence with which Bulger ruled Boston is considered a language to Depp. He sees the violence as the main avenue of communication for those who are in the business that Bulger reigned over for so many years. The FBI had recruited Bulger as an informant in an attempt to weaken the Italian Mafia, a hated enemy of the Irish blooded Bulger. The FBI tended to turn a blind eye to Bulger while he acted as an informant.

Depp has great regard for the film and hopes it does well with world audiences. Fans lined up as early as 6AM to get a glimpse of the movie star. Depp, always gracious, stepped out to meet them. Depp considers his fans his “bosses” because he feels it is his fans who really finance his movies and his career.






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