Chinese naval ships enter US waters

Ships of the Chinese navy were spotted entering in to United States territorial waters recently. Five Chinese naval ships were seen entering US waters off the coast of Alaska. The Pentagon has announced that the Chinese ships have sailed away and are no longer in American waters.

The Defense Department announced, according to the New York Times, that the Chinese vessels had approached as close as twelve nautical miles to the Alaska shoreline. This, the Defense Department stated, put the Chinese ships well within US territorial limits.

The Defense Department stated that this was a “legal transit” into the Bering Sea and that the Chinese navy had complied with international laws on the matter. This was the first time that Chinese ships have been seen this close to the American coast and happened while President Obama was in Alaska on tour. The Chinese ships are now in open waters somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

The incursion by the Chinese navy into the Bering Sea comes on the heels of certain actions that have many Asian countries, Vietnam and the Philippines in particular, rather concerned. Apparently this had been some manner of naval war games that China was holding with Russia. The ships made their way through the Aleutian Islands on their way out into the Pacific.

China has been taking great pains of late to show off its military might to the world and has recently upped its military spending. The Chinese government has been in disagreement with some of its neighbors regarding certain islands in the region. Many view it as an attempt by China to warn the world of its impending naval power. For some time now, the central government in China has been reorganizing and consolidating its military structure in an attempt, some see, to eventually become a dominant military force in the world.



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