Nazi gold train discovered in Poland

A sixty year old mystery seems to have been solved. Authorities in Poland have announced that two treasure hunters may have located the legendary Nazi “gold train” that was said to have never existed yet disappeared without the proverbial trace. It, reportedly, is laden with weapons and gold that may be worth billions of dollars.

The train has apparently been found in Walbrzych, Poland buried deep in an underground cavern located close by to a legendary castle. The two treasure hunters had reportedly used radar to locate the tunnel and that their hunting was based on a confession made by a man, on his deathbed, who allegedly helped load the train during the closing days of World War Two according to the New York Times.

Rumors of such a train have been flying through the treasure hunting world since the end of the war. The treasure hunters believe they have located the armored train but know that it will take some serious machinery and technology to get to it. The Nazi’s had constructed fortified tunnels and mazes deep in the earth all over Europe. They are extremely well engineered and it will be no easy task to locate them and then to unearth the mythical train.

According to the government of Poland, anything that is found becomes the property of the state. The government will award 10% of the value that is found to the treasure hunters. The Polish army has been ordered to the region to prevent anyone from trying to excavate.

During the fury of World War Two, the German army had begun to construct a Polish headquarters at the nearby castle for Adolf Hitler. The army, as usual, began constructing intricate bunkers and tunnel systems. In 2001, treasure hunters began digging and they came upon what they believed was a fortified wall of an underground tunnel. the Polish authorities got wind of it and shut them down immediately.

The Army has been ordered to begin exploratory digging and evacuations. They have been cautioned, however, that the tunnel and caverns, as well as the train, if there, could still be loaded with explosives set to deter any potential excavation excursions. The Army is proceeding slowly and work will begin to accelerate over the next several weeks.


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