False report unleashes massive police manhunt in Chicago suburbs

A Chicago woman called in a false police report related to a recent fatal shooting of a police officer that has unleashed a massive police manhunt for suspects related to the report. On Tuesday, Fox Lake, Illinois police Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was shot and killed.

Police swarmed into Volo, Illinois, just five miles from Fox Lake, after Kristen Kiefer called in to police claiming that two men tried to get at her while she was in her car which she claimed had broken down. Kiefer, 30, later recanted her report claiming that she was just seeking attention from the family that employs her as a nanny. Police investigators also reported that Kiefer realized where she was at the time and how close she was to the fatal shooting of the police officer USA Today reported.

Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Commander George Filenko stated that Lieutenant Gliniewicz was shot and killed on Tuesday when he responded to a call in Fox Lake concerning certain suspicious activity. Commander Filenko said that the police were not putting any time restraints on this investigation and are confident they will find those responsible for Gliniewicz’ death. Police are centering their hunt on two white males and one black male suspect.

Over 80 federal and state police officers spread out all over Volo with the assistance of eleven trained police dogs, and three police air units, searching for clues to the related report filed by Kiefer. Since then Kiefer has been arrested and charged with falsifying a police report and disorderly conduct.





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