Oxford dictionary adds new words like Rando and Hangry

Ever year, the Oxford English Dictionary introduces new words into its world famous dictionary. The Oxford University Press announced that their online dictionary will now include many new words that a panel of judges declared will stand up over time.

According to CNN, one of the new words is cat café. The definition declares that this is a place where people can go, pay money, and talk and play with the cats that are residents of the “café”

Another new word is “manspreading”. Basically this is when a man is seated on the subway, or elsewhere, and spreads his legs so no one can sit down to the right or the left of him. A new word for the workplace is “onboarding”. That is what is now called the indoctrination process that happens when someone joins a new company. It used to be known as “getting someone up to speed”. Too long to say anymore, it seems.

Oxford has, also, added a flurry of “y” ending words such as chef characteristics being chefy, while cider and cupcakes are now produced at a cidery and a cupcakery. MacGyver has now become an actual word and is based on a TV character from the last century. If you MacGyver something, it means you have fixed or invented some manner of thing in a totally new and revolutionary way and is, usually, used to get you out of some sort of tight spot.

Apparently, drinking after Noon or waiting for quitting time is no longer acceptable to the English speaking world. Oxford now includes both “beer o’clock” and “wine o’clock” as meaning this is when such drinking will begin. Apparently, your social group knows what time of the day these two o’clock’s are.

You are “hangry”, according to Oxford, if you have become a bit grouchy and on edge because it is time for you to have something to eat. Finally, a “rando” is someone who engages in socially inappropriate behavior, though that is not defined, because the person is totally ignorant of any social graces or people skills.





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