Tropical storm Erika heads toward Caribbean waters

The fifth named system of the 2015 hurricane season, Tropical storm Erika is making its way across the Atlantic, heading for the Caribbean.

USA Today reports that the storm is moving at approximately 20 miles per hour, with winds reaching upwards of 40 miles per hour.  Tropical storm watches have been issued to a handful of islands, such as Antigua, Barbuda, and Montserrat.

The storm is predicted to reach hurricane status as it reaches the Bahamas, this weekend. There are currently two projections for the path of the storm. One shows Erika dissipating over the next few days, while the other predicts the storm will quickly evolve into a Category 4 system,  as it approaches South Carolina.

Many of the areas in the storm’s path are experiencing a drought, and may benefit from the rainfall the storm would bring.

Erika follows Hurricane Danny, the first hurricane of the season, which fell apart once it reached dry air and upper-level winds Monday.



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