Hunter Biden denies ever having Ashley Madison account

Hunter Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, is denying any connection to the Ashley Madison account that was attached to his email address.

Ashley Madison did not require email authentication for new users, in an effort to help cheating spouses deny their membership with the site. According to Washington Times, Biden stated that his email has been hacked in the past, and since then, he has not used the email address in question.

The account was, however, linked to a Robert Biden, which is Hunter’s given name. The account in question was used on the site in December of 2014.  The charges could have occurred due to a fraudulent act, such as the illegal purchasing of Biden’s financial information, experts say.

“From my understanding through press accounts, it is very easy to set up an account without someone’s knowledge as there is no requirement that an email address be verified and I am certain that is what happened in this case,” Biden said. “This is, unfortunately, not the first time that someone has used my name and identity to try to discredit me.”

The account also had the incorrect birth date for Biden, listing his date of birth as February 4th, 1980, as opposed to his actual date of birth, February 4th, 1970.



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