The disgusting-smelling ‘corpse flower’ has blossomed in Denver

It’s one of the most foul smells known to man, and you can catch it in all its glory in Denver right now: the notorious corpse flower is in full bloom.

Surprisingly, thousands of people who are gluttons for punishment were more than willing to wait for hours for the opportunity to catch the awful scent, according to a Christian Science Monitor report.

The corpse flower, or titan arum, uses this scent to lure flies and beetles, which it relies on to pollinate the plant. It is found in Sumatra, Indonesia.

This particular specimen is at Denver Botanic Gardens, in the back of a greenhouse. Fans circulate the air through the building, giving visitors a very strong whiff of the corpse flower.

This is the first time the titan arum has ever bloomed in the Denver area. The Gardens received it as a donation in 2007, and the plant is now 13 years old and blooming for the first time.

It usually takes between 10 and 15 years for the first bloom of this plant, so it’s right on time.


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