Battle of the Titans: 12,000-pound megabot prepares to fight

It may be the battle of the century: a 12,000-pound megabot that is 15 feet tall has been built in the Bay Area and may be doing battle with another robot from Japan soon.

It’s called the Mark 2, and it was created by Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti, according to a KGO report.

The two enjoyed playing video games as kids and always wanted a giant fighting robot. Now, they have one.

They recently challenged the makers of a Japanese megabot to a battle, all in good fun. They accepted.

But they still have work to do. They’re hoping to raise $500,000 to engineer better punching mechanisms and an improved safety cage.

Although they acknowledge there’s some danger to this project, it’s interesting technologically and could bring a lot of “entertainment value,” Oehrlein said according to the report.

The battle is set to take place next year.


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