Protesters gather at hundreds of Planned Parenthood sites

Anti-abortion activists made their presence felt at 320 Planned Parenthood clinics across the country after an undercover video apparently showed a Planned Parenthood executive discussing the sale of fetal tissue to a research laboratory.

The anti-abortion demonstrators gathered at the clinics, sometimes in the dozens and other times in the hundreds or thousands in order to pressure the federal government to cut off funding for the organization, according to a Washington Post report.

Abortions make up a small part of Planned Parenthood’s operations; most of it is focused on general women’s health.

About 320 clinics were targeted by activists. The protests began this weekend as speakers slammed the organization. There were also prayer groups and chants and signs. The organizers distributed signs that read “Planned Parenthood sells baby parts.”

An anti-abortion group secretly filmed Planned Parenthood discussing extracting tissue from an aborted fetus and giving it to a research facility, which is what caused the uproar. Planned Parenthood claims the video was edited and that there was nothing unethical in the discussions.


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