High-level talks continue between North and South Korea

As forces are mobilized and tensions mount, top officials in North and South Korea are continuing high-level talks in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

The talks went for 10 hours, deep into the night after beginning earlier on Saturday. The tensions began with the North accusing the South Korea of propaganda, prompting an exchange of artillery fire that threatened to devolve into outright military confrontation, according to an Associated Pres report.

Technically, the two sides have been at war for decades, but they have achieved an uneasy peace since then with occasional flare-ups.

South Korea’s military has reported that there has been unusual troop movement in North Korea, with 70 percent of their submarines leaving bases and disappeared from view. Also, there has been an apparent doubling in strength of artillery forces on the front lines, indicating that Pyongyang is either maneuvering for a potential strike or simply posturing as it often does.


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