Jared Fogle’s charity may have been a total sham: report

Jared Fogle’s fall from grace as Subway’s pitchman has been incredible, and a new report indicates that the charity he founded to fight childhood obesity may have been a sham.

Fogle’s amazing store of losing more than 200 pounds on just a diet of Subway sandwiches prompted company execs to tag him as their new pitchman, and it turned into a major success for Americans craving healthier and fresher fast food options, according to a USA Today report.

With Fogle’s net worth at $15 million, he announced in 2008 that he wanted to create a charity to help children fight obesity, calling it the Jared Foundation, announcing the intention to distributed $2 million to schools and community organizations.

However, years later, the Jared Foundation has failed to issue even one grant, and the foundation has spent just $73,000 annually between 2009 and 2013: 60 percent of it went to the chief executive’s salary, and 26 percent of that was unaccounted for.

The foundation also failed to pay $5 registration fee to the state of Indiana, and as a result the Indiana Secretary of State dissolved the foundation in 2012, although the IRS still recognizes it.

Fogle was hit with child pornography and sex with a minor charges, to which he is expected to plead guilty. Subway cut all ties with him after the FBI raided his Indiana home.


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