Microsoft issues third Windows 10 cumulative update to address Store problems



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Given the mounting frustration Windows 10 users are having accessing the Microsoft Store, Microsoft has release cumulative update 30814388 on August 14th, after just releasing Cumulative update 30181436 on August 11th.  This represents the third release to the OS since its introduction in late July.  Users who have not yet updated their version of Windows 10 will get all the fixes in the package, while those who have previously applied fixes will only get incremental ones, which represents a patching model departure for Windows.

A Microsoft spokesperson indicated to zdNet’s Mary Jo Foley the patch set was issued partially to resolve the problems of people not being able to access the Store to download app updates or new apps.   Many are reporting some of the earlier challenges seem to have been addressed prior to the patch cluster rolling out, but others are indicating they are still have issues.  Microsoft Reader and the Windows Reading list are cited as not being downloadable for anyone.

Patching under Windows 10 home addition is no longer an optional or menu-driven option.  In the editions targeted to businesses (Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise) and Education,  users will have some latitude with scheduling updates, but not security fixes.  Even so, the degrees of freedom IT organizations have had in the past to manage this are limited by Windows 10 design.  While its fairly easy to understand the supplier’s cost side of the equation for wanting fixes to be more uniform, it remains to be seen if the business customers will tolerate and embrace the paradigm shift in change management.



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