Can Europa ‘Ocean Discovery’ Give Way To Alien Life?

Europa’s fabled ocean has influenced science fiction movies and actual space missions equally — and till date  we aren’t even sure if it exists. NASA’s curiosity is touching cloud nine now, it lately greenlit a mission to Europa which will optimistically resolve the matter for good. According to sources the space agency has recently produced a tremendous video explicating why we should worry about it.

With Pluto beyond us and a new Europa mission moving ahead in full swing, NASA is now looking forward to drum up common interest in the far off, icy moon. The first order of business? Just to Make sure we’re all on the same page about Europa’s deep sea diving likelihood. A small NASA animation explicates why we think Europa could contain more water than Earth.

If such an ocean exists in actuality, it’s probably going to to be the very first places where alien life can be found. The Yet to be-discovered spacecraft which is unnamed till date, will possibly put an end to our cosmic loneliness. It is set to release in the 2020s and arrive at Europa a number of years later.



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