Are Nintendo’s Amiibo-Figures Saving The Company?

The Nintendo Wii U is the worst performing Nintendo console possibly ever, and for the past three financial years, Nintendo have posted an operating loss. However, according to Nikkei, Nintendo are estimated to make an operating profit of 25 billion yen this financial year– so, what has given them a boost? Most likely, the much-loved toys-to-life amiibo figures.

According to Fortune, amiibo have been selling out since their launch in November 2014, and sold over 5.7 million figures worldwide in only two months last year. From 2012 to January 2015, the Wii U has sold 9.2 million units worldwide, and since the release of the amiibo the Wii U has seen a 10% increase in hardware sales and a 29% increase for 2014 overall. And that trend isn’t slowing, with a continuing 20% increase for the first quarter of 2015. It’s estimated that the amiibo figures could add a $200 to $300 million to Nintendo’s annual revenue. The little, cute figures can pack a big punch!

People already have an affinity for our characters, and they love seeing them come to life in different ways in different Nintendo games, and parents like that amiibo can be used in different ways across multiple games, so they get strong enduring value for their investment. — Scott Moffitt, EVP Sales & Marketing NOA



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