Spacesuit restored for display: Apollo 11, do you copy?

Neil Armstrong, the first man to take step on the moon back on July 20th 1969 from the Apollo 11 mission, would have never known that almost half a century later, his spacesuit will be creating top news all over again. A campaign to raise almost $500,000 was started by the National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution, and according to reports the goal has been reached within five days collecting $534,959.

The Smithsonian Institute decided to launch the appeal as a way of raising private money for exhibits that are not covered by federal funding from the US government’s purse.

At time of publication, $534,959 had been already been collected (pledged) by 6,724 generous backers with 23 days left to raise presumably surplus amount for the exhibit.

The aim of the institution by collecting these funds was to raise enough money to cover the construction of a special climate-controlled display case and a full 3D digitization of the spacesuit.

By conserving, digitizing, and displaying it, the institution is in the process of completely restoring the spacesuit used by the first man to step on moon.

Even with lunar dust still present on the suit, the institution is trying to have the spacesuit restored for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, in order to display it and tell the incredible story of the suit and the mission to the world.

Those that do fund the exhibit, will also receive some rewards from the institution. Rewards include a “Reboot the suit” cling on, a patch, a “Reboot the suit” poster, a flag (not certified), and a membership to the National Air and Space Society. Moreover, the fund is tax deductable.

It is a really good initiative taken by the National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution, since this certain piece of clothing has enormous historic significance.

Had such an initiative not been taken, the spacesuit was just be left to catch dust in the storage.


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