Lafayette Grieve’s Over Theater Shooting Victims

Grieving and confusion covered the southern Louisiana city of Lafayette on Sunday as police attempt to focus why an Alabama man with a background marked by dysfunctional mental disorder went on a shooting frenzy in a film theater, killing two benefactors and himself.

Sunday administrations at some places of worship in the city of 120,000 concentrated on recuperating, three days after John Russell Houser stood up at an indicating of the rom-com Trainwreck and started shooting into the group. Nine individuals were injured. Houser, 59, lethally shot himself after officers arrived, police said.

Higher authorities had not decided why Houser, who lived a lot of his life in and around Columbus, Ga., picked a motion picture theater 500 miles away for his shooting spree.

“Our hearts search for answers,” Michael Russo, pastor at Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church, said at the start of the morning service.

“It’s troubling because it happened a mile down the road,” Russo told his congregation. “We begin with the obvious — Where are you, God? Come on, where are you?”

Memorial service administrations for Houser’s casualties — Mayci Breaux, 21, and Jillian Johnson, 33, — will be held Monday.

Police were all the while handling the Grand Theater shooting scene Sunday. Lafayette police Cpl. Paul Mouton said recordings of 911 calls from the scene would be discharged after they are prepared and the individual data of the guests was gathered.

“It sure does seem like something failed,” Judge Susan Tate, who presides over a probate court in Athens, Ga., and has studied issues relating to weapons and the mentally ill, told the AP. “I have no idea how he was able to get a firearm.”

Patrick Williams, an antiques dealer in Columbus, once filed a police report against Houser over the sale of an iron fence.

“He’s been known as a lunatic and a fool around this neck of the woods for years,” Williams told AP. “He was a highly intelligent guy but mean as a snake and dangerous. I wasn’t a bit surprised when I saw his picture on TV. And no one else that knew him was surprised either.”



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