Police Shoots Man For Stealing A Car

A suspect was shot by a San Francisco cop after the man clearly stole and slammed a vehicle stopped in an airplane terminal stopping territory, fled the scene, then endeavored to capture another vehicle on the San Bruno Avenue bridge.

San Francisco police chief Greg Suhr told reporters at a mid-morning press conference that the unidentified suspect was in steady yet genuine condition after he was shot in the midriff Sunday morning, who was shot in the stomach by an officer who was not injured in the confrontation. Suhr said the suspect was in “serious but stable” condition at a local hospital. The suspect first stole an auto at the air terminal having a place with a San Francisco Marathon runner, smashed it against a light post close-by and fled the scene, Suhr said.

Suhr said the occurrence started with the burglary of an auto having a place with a San Francisco Marathon member. Suhr said the suspect smashed that auto into a light shaft on South Airport Boulevard, then left the vehicle by walking, conveying a knapsack, and traveled west on San Bruno Avenue, where he attempted to compel the driver of an auto ceased at an activity light to help him make a getaway.

The suspect was then spotted by a bike officer who requested him to put down a knapsack he was conveying. Rather, the man ran and endeavored to carjack a vehicle halted at a light on a noteworthy parkway that keeps running along Highway 101, Suhr said.

The man escaped from the auto after the driver declined to drive and hurried to a few shrubs where he concealed, Suhr said.

Then after the man came out screaming of the bushes walking towards an officer yelling, “Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me! Suhr said officers ordered the suspect to surrender but he refused at which point one of the officers fired a shot that missed When he refused an order to stop, an officer shot him once in the abdomen.


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