Houston’s First Official Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Thanks to the efforts of Treveia McCurdy, the mayor officially declared July 25 as “Random Acts of Kindness Day,” She and with the help of a little armed force of volunteers appeared under a downtown bridge with 300 burgers and drinks. As for McCurdy, this day how’s to be more then that, it’s also a memorial day for her.

Twenty years ago her son passed away from cerebral paralysis and in 2007 her young adolescent child passed on from it as well. Only a year later, in 2008, she lost her only sibling to the disease as well. She said amid her darkest days, demonstrations of kindness kept her going.

“The calls, the cards, even from people that you don’t even know. I mean, it just gives you hope and it inspires you,” McCurdy said.

Other then the burgers, McCurdy’s priest and close ones from the church that she attends, the Triumphant Church also joined her in giving out cards to patients at hospitals and they got HEB to give away some free foodstuffs to clueless customers.

“Kindness is the heartbeat of our city. Houston is one of the most kindest cities in the country,” said Pastor Timothy Dixon of The Triumphant Church.

Right down the road from McCurdy’s gathering, was another group of people who were setting up to sell art work and pet advocacy in the storehouse area close downtown.

The cause for this art fair and pet adoption was kept for a girl named Honor, who suffers from Spina Bifida. They require $15,000 as the little girl needs a trained service dog to help her about.

“We’re selling a little bit of everything from food to artwork. We have a lot of the great musicians and artists that have given things for a silent auction,” said organizer Adam Gamble of Masterpiece Motives.

The gathering wanted to hold their display until 3 A.M near the Eastdown Warehouse. Individuals in the propensity for indicating consideration to others said it should be possible to do so for nothing in return and the advantages are extremely valuable. “Favors, that is what it’s called, Blessings,” said workmanship reasonable volunteer Tara Matthews.


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