What You Need To Know About: Diego Rodriguez, Chief Of New York’s FBI Office

New York: Director James B. Comey has titled Diego G. Rodriguez the assistant director responsible for (ADIC) of the FBI’s New York Field Office. On this duty, his job is to oversee all operations and personnel in five districts of NYC, eight counties in New York state, and La Guardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Here are a few more details about Mr Diego G. Rodriguez:

AGE: 50

BIRTHPLACE: Huila, Colombia.

EDUCATION: He has attained a Bachelor’s degree in science, from the St. John’s University, in 1988.

EXPERIENCE: Was a capable Spanish teacher in various New York public schools before he joined FBI in 1990 as an associate of the SWAT crew and the organized crime and drug enforcement task force. In 1997, he was re stationed to the San Juan district to leash drug money laundering task force. In 2001, he was sent to the Miami field office to administer multi-agency drug squad. In 2003, he was transferred to FBI Headquarters in Washington for various assignments. In 2010, he was chosen to be an agent managing the criminal division in New York office. In 2012, he was commanded to run Dallas office. In 2015, he returned to the New-York head office.

FAMILY: Married, father to four daughters.

QUOTE: “It’s more likely Joe Citizen will know or see somebody radicalizing than an FBI agent will,” on the need for outreach to Muslim communities to build trust and seek help identifying potential homegrown terror threats.

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/bio-box-diego-rodriguez-head-of-fbis-new-york-office/2015/07/26/532c9164-33ac-11e5-b835-61ddaa99c73e_story.html


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