Pot Chronicles: Are you able to Overdose Via Marijuana?

Stores for Ailment Control as well as Prevention have made a decision to issue notice about edible spot, which are put through stricter assessment and laws, but they can affect folks in ways. An incident has brought place in Denver in which led CDC to arrive at that conclusion. According to police report, a undergraduate died in March 2014 immediately after eating a new marijuana-laced dessert. CDC features issued a study on the truth in which it’s got stated that the victim doesn’t have known record of liquor abuse, illicit pill use, or maybe mental disease.

A completely new report through the Centers pertaining to Disease Handle and Avoidance (CDC) and a lot of the several news articles it triggered, are blaming a new “space cookie” pertaining to killing a teen in Colorado – showing a likely danger associated with recreational edible marijuana use. But can it be fair to mention that filter kills? The revolutionary CDC report states in which 19-year-old Levy Thamba, a native on the Democratic Republic on the Congo, died immediately after consuming a full marijuana dessert that comprised six instances the proposed servings regarding THC, the psychoactive factor in weed that creates the excessive. In that week’s Morbidity as well as Mortality report, the incident was defined as the initial “linked to be able to marijuana use without proof polysubstance use” because pot became legal in Colorado, the government financial aid 2012.

From the marijuana dispensary, workers recommended that she only take roughly a single sixth on the cookie – the equivalent of about 10 mg regarding THC. It can be undeniable that the THC levels in his blood has been high – forty nine ng/mL. Some research shows that high doses on the psychoactive factor “can create serious anxiety and panic attacks and psychoticlike signs or symptoms, ” nevertheless can most of us really telephone this a new marijuana overdose? Though it is correct that serving matters which Thamba, has been “marijuana naive”, just what killed him or her isn’t cooking pot, but the fact he jumped from a balcony immediately after ingesting a whole bunch of filter. His loss of life was ruled out as an accident meaning that she wasn’t actually attempting to kill himself.




  1. Kathleen Chippi says

    For over 9 thousands years of recorded human use with ZERO REGULATION, no person died or killed themselves from consuming UNREGULATED or ILLEGAL (1937 until these recent claims) cannabis.

    These ‘claims’ are only happening AFTER ‘legalization’/mass production/greed took over the market from thousands of caring, humane, family gardeners. Sure looks to me like the hippie’s, freaks, brownie making, party going ‘dealers’ were 100% successful at not causing ANY harm without ANY regulation.

  2. Kathleen Chippi says

    CDC ignores the FACT that the big producers of Colorado cannabis have been using toxic pesticides on thier massive grows for the last 5 years. No one has proven it was the cannabis and not the poison, that made these people kill themselves or kill others. After all we have over 9,000 years of recorded human use and no known lethal dose with completely unregulated cannabis and now that toxins are being used to produce the tree of life, we have suicides and killing. This spring was the first enforcement of the pesticide bann in Denver and there currently are over 60,000 plants in quarantine from at least 10 of the big companies who’s names are completely misleading, like Livwell, and Mindful and Organic….who failed to convinece the court to allow them to sell the toxic plant material to consumers to save their bottom lines….

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