Caution: Louisiana Water System Contaminated With ‘Brain-Eating Amoeba’ State Official To…

Louisiana: Health officials have reasserted that an amoeba is contaminating the water system in the St. Bernard parish, in Louisiana. The LA State Department of Health states that, they discovered the organism, by dint of a faulty sample station and have ever since commanded the Parish to administer a rigorous 60-day chlorine burn to terminate all the amoeba present and to make sure it is eliminated from the water supply. The Parish, as expected has acknowledged and given a nod to it and will comply “out of an abundance of caution.”

“DHH Safe Drinking Water Program staff sampled seven sites along the St. Bernard Parish Water System. Two of the seven sites tested positive for the amoeba,” states the Louisiana State department of health and hospitals (DHH).

The agency, in addition says, “One positive test was at a site at the water treatment plant before the water was treated. The second positive test occurred at 948 Angela Street, which may have been contaminated by ground water due to a leak at the sampling station. Chlorine levels at the site of the positive sample did meet the 0.5 mb/l requirement.”

As a result, the state health department claims, “Tap water in St. Bernard Parish is safe for residents to drink, but the Department urges residents to avoid getting water in their noses.”

Furthermore they explain, “DHH conducts sampling of public drinking water systems for Naegleria fowleri each summer when temperatures rise. So far, DHH has tested 12 other systems for the ameba and still awaiting lab results for each.”

Lastly, St. Bernard Parish’s President David Peralta comments, “At this point that’s a decision that the DHH has to make. We trust their expertise in this field. We do we feel that the system is fine and this was an anomaly.”


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