China Discontinues 15-year Ban On Video Game Consoles

After more than a decade of ban on video game consoles, the Chinese government has finally decided to relax its guidelines and will allow video game makers to manufacture and sell their gaming devices anywhere in the country.

Video game consoles were first banned in 2000 over concerns that these games would have a negative mental and physical affect on the development of children. However, last year, the country allowed game makers to operate in an experimental free trade zone with certain restrictions.

A report on The Verge notes that the restricted guidelines still proved a major hurdle for console makers, but now the government has decided to scrap it entirely.

The latest development has opened up the massive new market for game consoles in China, which, in absence of consoles stick to PC, mobile, and web titles.

Video game makers like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft among others now have the chance to once again sell their gaming consoles in the Chinese market.


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