Conference Aspires To Unify Efforts Of Activists For ‘Black Lives Matter’

Cleveland (AP): Massive crowds including 1,000 civil rights activists from all over United States are awaited to congregate for the first ever Movement  ‘Black Lives Matter’ In Cleveland this weekend. The purpose of this movement is to create strategies and objectives for empowering black people through a modern-day civil rights movement.

The symposium will transpire take from Friday to Sunday at Cleveland State University, and is going to draw together pioneers from Millions Hoodies Movement for Justice, Ferguson Action and Cleveland Action to debate and finalize what further action is going to be taken on the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Our people need space to begin the creation of a collective mission that matches the intensity, scale, urgency and promise of the moment,” says the Movement for Black Lives Convening’s website. “This convening presents an opportunity for us to reflect on our histories of struggle, build a sense of fellowship that transcends geographical boundaries and begin to heal from the many traumas we face.”

Speakers and organizers will anchor panels, across the weekend over subjects such as conventions to improve organization community movements, trans activism in the Black community, black women’s empowerment and recuperating from trauma.

“This convening is a place where we can sharpen our demands and create a space to figure out where we go next and how we make sure that this tremendous power and this tremendous building of energy lands in a real way where our people in our local communities really feel changes,” Cleveland-based activist and conference manager Maurice Mitchell informed NPR.


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