T-Mobile Announces ‘Advanced Messaging’ To Make Texting More Powerful!

T-Mobile’s CTO, Neville Ray, wanted to make the carrier to be the first in the nation to adopt a Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard to develop a messaging platform and today T-Mobile has successfully managed to replicate some features of Apple’s iMessage and Facebook’s WhatsApp.

The new messaging app called Advanced Messaging by T-Mobile will let users chat one-to-one in real time and even allows group messaging. The feature common in popular IM such as WhatsApp where users can see when other people are typing, when the message has been sent and delivered, and like the blue ticks indicating that the message has been read, such features are also being borrowed by T-Mobile’s Advanced Messaging.

Sending high-resolution photos and videos up to 10MB is also possible now. So how do you get the feature and how does it work for you? There is no separate app for Advanced Messaging. No setup or registration required, if you happen to be on T-Mobile’s network then you would have the feature activated by default, but it is only limited to T-Mobile at the moment.

But here is the catch; currently T-Mobile’s Advanced Messaging is available on one specific device, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Why did T-Mobile choose that device is currently beyond us and that means that the service is not available on popular devices such as the Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6.

T-Mobile, however, plans to roll it out to more devices such as the Galaxy S5 and S6 via a software update and at least 12 devices will be compatible with Advanced Messaging by the year’s end. There is no indication whether Apple’s iPhone is on that list or not.

The service replicates what iMessage and WhatsApp currently have, but T-Mobile defends this move by claiming that why should its subscribers need to look for third-party to take advantage of features not provided by wireless operators across the US. With Advanced Messaging that is going to change and will also serve as a wake-up call for other carriers to jump the RCS bandwagon.


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