Twitter discussion for mobile-app developers earnings to San Francisco

A few good mobile-app developers to assistance attract new users to a renouned nonetheless struggling amicable network.

Though we won’t find that ad anywhere, it could news a concentration of Twitter’s second annualFlight conference, that a association on Wednesday pronounced will be hold on Oct 21 in San Francisco.

Despite carrying 300 million monthly users, Twitter’s user bottom pales in comparison with that of opposition Facebook, that draws 1.4 billion users each month. To enhance — and in a routine attract some-more advertisers — a association needs to make a site some-more mouth-watering for new users. To do that, Twitter is operative to quell violent or melancholy messaging and enormous down on supposed punish porn, where people post bare or intimately pithy images though subjects’ permission. The microblogging site is also overhauling a site to prominence photos and videos of trending events.

But Twitter needs to do more. The association is anticipating to remonstrate developers to write apps that will assistance it captivate new users and inspire existent users to hang around longer. That puts Twitter Flight in approach foe with Facebook’s F8, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference and Google I/O, that also pull developers to San Francisco.

Twitter promises this year’s Flight attendees will have some-more face time with a engineering group and dive into some-more technical sessions. More than 1,000 people attended a initial event, final year. While Twitter still hasn’t suggested a minute agenda, though a association pronounced it will yield an refurbish on Fabric, a apartment of mobile-development collection introduced final year. It will also share a latest on Gnip, that delivers and analyzes information about social-media interactions. Twitter, that acquired Gnip final year for $134 million, sells that information to advertisers and other companies in some-more than 40 countries.

The association also announced on Wednesday a new analytics tool, Answers Events, that helps developers track, in genuine time, user function tied to their apps.

Twitter continues a hunt for a new CEO to reinstate Dick Costolo, who exited Jul 1. The associationsubsequent week will news formula for a second quarter, a final duration underneath Costolo’s leadership.


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