iOS 9: List Of Best Feature And Upgrades-Install Now!

After a much warmed welcome of iOS 8, we are very much excited for iOS 9. The features iPhone user expected in iOS 8, are not all full filled by Apple and may be Apple has planned to release in iOS 9

As we all know iOS 8 beta version is now available for developer which has lived up to the hype of people expectation. The features announced in iOS 8 are cool but on some side user where a bit underwhelmed. For example, lock screen, the screen transitions and the animations are unchanged in iOS 8 which user are disappointed with.

iOS 9 features:

Marketing is heating up with the announcement of Apple iOS 9 new features. Earlier rumors related to the features of iOS 9 were ruling over the web world, since apple announced the features officially, reality has become more pleasing than the rumor’s world. Apple always does a strategically announcement of its new product every year at the occasion of WWDC, but this product was overshadowed by the clouds of make up stories. Market was stirred with the news that Apple is taking a gap of one year to fix its current features and to put more creative ideas in the foundation of Apple mobile’s OS. And it is not just a chit chat; Apple’s developers have put their best effort to make the existing apps more solid. Among the rumors, Apple has officially announced some unique new features that is integrated with iOS 9.

In the major event of WWDC Apple has disclosed that iOS 9 will include sharper and proactive Siri, Split screen to perform multitask in iPad, enhanced music, Maps transition and many more. Let’s take a look on what Apple in bringing in the market with iOS 9.

Superior and proactive Siri

Siri has lost its credentials from long ago and nobody can deny from this fact. Siri cannot be compare with Google, Google has gone long far, and Siri has left behind. To cope up with the situation, Apple has made many finer changes and has taken many qualitative measures to make it much better. Apple is focusing to add and improve its voice query feature, with this feature you don’t have to type the text, simply give voice command to Siri, and Siri will recognize and will find the desire results. For Instance, you can now verbally say to the app, “Show me the latest pictures of Apple’s new technology”, and the search result will be available on your device with this new Proactive feature. Likewise you can search anything that you require. In addition to that Siri has the inbuilt ability to optimize your phone depending on your activity and need. For example, if you are travelling in a car, Siri will automatically open the audio book as you like to listen the audio book while driving your car.

It also has inbuilt smart calendar that will take the record of your next meetings and important events, and will alert you in advance so that you won’t miss any important affair. All these new unique features are packed in a UI that will also suggest apps and contacts specifically based on your activities and schedule. VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said, “We wanted to add more and do more for the best customer experience, adding more intelligence for user experience without sacrificing on your privacy.”

Spotlight upgradation with deep linking

Another upgradation that Apple has done is enhancement of Spotlight feature with deep linking. With this improvement, now even third part app can enjoy the benefit of Apple’s search feature. In very simple words, let’s say, In your Apple device you search for a restaurant in Yelp directly from your home screen, and then you can immediately jump to the Yelp’s app result page. Isn’t it a good feature for better search result? It all has happened due to the deep linking.

This exclusive feature has made the spotlight a little search engine on its own. And this minor exceptional feature is giving a high level war to the Google. If you are able to search through Spotlight, you are moving away from the Google search engine, and it is a great new advancement in the Apple technology that is affecting the great mobile war between Apple and Google. As was earlier in news, Apple is concentrating more on security; this is what Apple has done with this. When you search something with this, you don’t give any data away. This keeps your device and important information safe.

Apple Music

Apple has taken a next step upward in the music. This awesome news is declared by Tim Cook, who said, “Today we are sharing the new Apple Music with you all, This will be the next chapter in music.” Jimmy lovine then presented the much awaited Apple’s new music offerings.

This new launch of Apple music is giving all that a music lover really needs, this music offering is creating its own platform to stand on firmly and challenging all bigger names like Spotify, Rdio and all the others. Service that tempts everybody to absorb that too at a very reasonable cost of $ 9.99 per month, after the end of 3 months free trial. It also bestow another option where you can subscribe family plan at $14.99. The company is also planning to launch the Beats 1, a 24-hour radio station. Now you can choose the playlist according to your own music taste, as this new feature has also listed a human-curated playlists from Beats. To make the Apple music more exciting, company has also perk up ping with beats connect, a social network that gives platform to users to connect with their stars and gain some artist extras. Whether this feature is actually convincing or not, to know the fact we have to wait till its launch. This entire package of Music, Apple will launch on Apple music app on iOS and one can enjoy this on Android and Windows this fall.

News App

News app is just another way to bring all the international web news on one main platform, and this Apple’s News App is doing the same. Many people says that Apple has just made a replica of flipboard, but Apple VP Susan Prescott said, “Yopu can read the article anywhere on the web, but the best east to understand format is only available on Apple News App.”

The company has explained its features much more deeply. Many publishers have already indulged in this App, but currently the news will only be available on in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia.

Trackpad for the iPad

Apple has made slight changes to differentiate the iPad experience from iPhone with the addition of trackpad in iPad. It works really smoothly, you just have to put two fingers on the keyboard and that will turn into trackpad and then you can move the cursor around. Above the keyboard you will find new signs of cut, copy and paste shortcuts.

Split Screen Apps

Time is less and tasks are more to perform is the problem every user face. Apple now has provided the solution of this to their users by introducing SplitView and SlideOver features. Now you can run two apps at the same time and perform multi task. SlideOver will let you minimize the first app and open another app such as messages.

With SplitView you can perform task on both the Apps simultaneously. You can even drag stuff from one app and can drom on another and that will make your work easier. You can even switch the two active apps by swiping on screen with your fingers. Apps will cover the 50/50 or 70/30 space on screen. But the dull thing is SplitView is only available for the iPad Air 2.

Transit in Maps

Finally, Apple is focusing on its maps services. To compete with the Google maps, Apple has to do a lot of uphill struggle to make its map service enhanced. This year Apple is featuring transit directions after getting hold of Embark and Hopstop. Transit directions will be available for few cities first, and then company gradually will increase its strength.

Loyalty cards for Apple Pay

This feature of Apple has become a subject of discussion. Apple is claiming to declare its Apple Pay rollout soon. Every store, apps and banks will be linked with the Apple Pay in the near future. Apple Pay expected to be launched in UK next month. Company has improvised some features in Apple Pay as well. You can now able to store your rewards in the passbook app, called as wallet. You can store your rewards in it and can use to pay your bills anytime.

Rich Text notes

Company has made small needy improvements in this also. In the Notes apps, you can now make checklists, embed photos and even can draw sketches and add links. It is no longer remain a text app, it has transformed into a rich text editor that every note user can use professionally.

Besides these, there are many other hidden features that will come in iOS 9 and we have gathered a list of some more important features to give you an idea what more iOS 9 will bring.

iCloud Drive

Apple is introducing an additional iCloud drive that will give user an access to files stored in iCloud drive. User need to turn on it from the setting menu first.

Changes in Keyboard

There are some minor changes that Apple has done in Keyboard. Shift key once again is modified by the developers to make it easier for users to verify its activation and deactivation. When you will put the shift key on, all the letters on the keyboard will turn into uppercase, and it is turned off, letters will move into lower case. New edit controls have been introduced in iPad with the inclusion of new San Francisco font.

Find my friends/iPhone

These are both built-in apps in iOS 9. You just need to add it in the notification center, and it helps in tracking the location of your friends.

Battery Saving

Your iPhone has become smarter with the use of ambient light and proximity sensors that will enable iPhone to understand when it is face down on table and even after receiving a notification it will not turn on its screen. Another addition in iOS 9 is extra 1 hour battery life. And you can choose low power mode to save more battery for another three hours. A pop up will emerge to suggest you to turn on low power mode when your phone’s battery is 10 – 20% left.

Battery Setting

In the settings app you will find new battery section to figure out all the new battery features. More detailed information and its usage is available in the battery setting, from there you can change its power back up syatem.


Now it requires to enter 6 digit passcode in place of 4 digit. Though, option is available to set 4 digit passcode too.


New option is available in the iPad or iPhone photo gallery to quickly flip the photos. You can even choose the photo from iCloud drive or anyother sources by using photo picker available in an app.

Side switch

Now side switch feature has introduced in the iPhone too. You can use this for Lock Rotation or Mute.

Video Recording

More new options are available for video recording. You can chose 720p HD at 30 fps, 1080p HD at 30 fps and 1080p HD at 60 fps for standard video and 720p HD at 120 fps or 720p HD at 240 fps for Slo-mo.


You can now add documents from the iCloud drive to messages as email attachments.


Now you can access to the contacts directly from the Proactive menu.

Settings search

There is a search bar added in the settings app that is very useful in locating a specific setting.


This app has restored with amazing new options. Now you can view all unplayed podcasts and all stations in a list view.

Notification grouping

A new setting of time and date sorting has added here. Though you can receive group notifications by app.


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