Miracle cure for Cataract without the need of surgery

Eyedrops can shrink cataracts in dogs, then why not humans? Researchers have taken a first step towards a drug that can treat or even prevent cataracts in human eyes.
A team of scientists and ophthalmologists have tested a solution in dogs that may be able to dissolve the cataract right out of the eye lens. And the solution is itself a miracle for everyone: a steroid-based eye drop.

British doctors carry out an estimated 300,000 operations to remove clouded lenses each year, making it the most common surgical procedure in the country, but now even an easier solution has been provided to people who have cataract.

Another team led by the University of California (UC), San Diego, molecular biologist Ling Zhao has conducted the experiment and yet proved it right. Her team came up with the eye drop idea after finding that children with a genetically inherited form of cataracts shared a mutation that stopped the production of lanosterol which is an important steroid in the body. When their parents did not have the same mutation, the adults produced lanosterol and had no cataracts.

In 2000, 12 million waterfall operations were performed around the world. That number will ascend to 32 million by 2020, as per the World Health Organization. That number will ascend as populaces keep on maturing, Hejtmancik composed, multiplying throughout the following 20 years.
Analysts drove by Kang Zhang treated waterfalls in canines and analyzed lenses from rabbits with lanosterol, an antecedent of cholesterol. In both cases, lens straightforwardness fundamentally enhanced, contrasted with controls.

Lanosterol lives up to expectations by dissolving mutant proteins that cloud the lens, deserting the typical clear proteins, called crystallin. Conveying the revelation to individuals will require more preclinical testing, a procedure that for the most part takes years. The treatment could be given as a preventive to those at danger of creating waterfalls or conceivably even to turn around waterfalls that as of now exist.



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