You Can No Longer Leave App Store Reviews If You Run A Beta Version Of iOS!

This is a sensible and wholly logical move since beta versions of iOS are works in progress which may affect or break certain parts of a developer’s app without that developer initially being either aware, at fault, or able to provide a fix. In that respect, it doesn’t make sense for iOS beta users to be able to make public comments about an app while using experimental software, particularly when most App Store customers — and thus people reading, and being influenced by, the reviews — use stable versions of iOS that are not affected by beta bugs.

Apple opened the beta program for iOS to the public (with some stipulations) for the first time this year, having previously kept its in-development software strictly for those with a developer account.

Despite making that change to let millions more in, it didn’t restrict app reviews. This month,Mac Stories expressed concern that increasing numbers of beta users are able to leave reviews — and, in particular, negative ones — so it’s good to see that Apple is listening and reacting.


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